Learn From One Member’s Tale of a Health Scare

Here is a valuable health advisory sent by Carolyn DeCook

I had an episode of nocturnal chest pain about a month ago and my Hubby (retired anesthiologist) Tim, gave me a Nitroglycerin tablet. I then visited my primary care physician for my annual physical, who said not to worry, just one irregular heart beat on the EKG and normal cholesterol tests, “go home, no problem, don’t worry”. After the 2nd episode a few weeks later, Tim called one of his favorite cardiologist colleague and the cardiologist scheduled me for a Thallium treadmill which showed some EKG changes. (The treadmill techs asked me my diagnosis and I said “Denial” they said they hadn’t heard it put that way before.) So much for stomach regurg!

After 2 episodes of upper chest pressure and some jaw discomfort, kind of like a tightening sensation, while rushing to get to a meeting in Seattle and again rushing for a bus to get to the ferry. I took a Nitroglycerin tab under my tongue, just in case, both times and I had instant relief.
(Needless to say the Rolaids did nothing).

Tim called the cardiologist and he scheduled me for a Cardiac cath this past Tuesday. During the procedure the cardiologist found a 70% blockage of the Left Anterior Descending Artery in the heart, one of the main arteries, and implanted a stent to widen the artery. I am pain free and have more energy that I have had all summer and this is only the fifth day. Only problem is the expensive drug to keep the platelets from sticking.

Tim found a website on the net: Cost $60 per month compared with the USA cost of $300 per month (of course we have to include $20 shipping, still a deal) $300 was the cost at Costco, yikes. If anyone you know needs these drugs, which are not yet generic here, just type in your search engine “generic ___________ and name the drug, even if it is not generic here in the US.
You will be given about 50 sites, check out the prices, shipping cost and customs costs and it will most likely over 2/3 less than Costco. When you’ve narrowed the choices, Google (or whatever your search engine) that particular site for comments from others, one person gave us the code for an additional discount. The site also sent us a tracking number for our order.

Another tip: If you are on any generics drugs, ask your doc for a years RX. Costco offers a yearly fee that is less than half the cost of renewing the 3 month Rx 4 times a year. They don’t advertise that they offer this savings.

Pass this info onto all your women friends. Our symptoms are so different from men’s, no elephants on our chest just tightness and jaw ache, which is easy to ignore unless it happens more than a few times. In fact I tried to ignore it even as we were walking down the hospital corridor, I said I feel fine, let’s forget it. Tim nixed that idea immediately, thankfully. Guess I’m not as tough as I thought!
Old age just isn’t for sissies!

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