Do you know a young female boater

Hey Gals,

Elsie Huslizer received a request from a writer friend. She is trying to help another writer who seeks to interview a young woman age 13 to 21 who has purchased her own boat.

Note from Elsie:

I got the request below through my writers’ group.  I’m hoping you or someone else in NWWB will know of a young woman who fits the bill.

—–Original Message—–
Subject: Young women in boating

Cc: sylvia Szabo <>

A friend of mine, Sylvia Szabo, is working on a story for which she needs to interview a young woman between the ages of 13-21 years of age who has made a large purchase like a boat, kayak, jetski etc.  for herself with her own money.  Except for my own relatives I don’t have much contact with that age group so I couldn’t really help her.  It’s unlikely that someone that age would buy her own sail boat, but I thought I’d check with you two to see if you knew someone who knew someone……..I’ve copied Sylvia on this e-mail so you can contact her directly if you have any leads for her.

Sharon L. Morris
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