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Kat Russell just checked in from sunny Mexico
Hello…….still here in sunny Mexico. We have been out nearly ten months and we feel very disconected from all the tough weather our friends and family have been experiencing while we have been gone. I don’t know enough about the much touted “Global Warming” to chime in there but everywhere we have stopped we have heard scores of people apologizing for this years weather. Even here in Mx. Every place we have stopped has been having unusually wet or cold or fiercly hot weather. We simply can’t complain since the last time we were in rain it was October 15, 16 and 17! A wet day means the boat was damp from dew when I poured my morning tea! We will be leaving here soon and heading North again, this time to the Sea of Cortez for the season. We will keep you posted from there when we have internet.

See her latest post available from the MEMBER’S BLOGS link at the top of this page and please, if you have a blog of your own, send us a link to post here so others may enjoy your experiences and insights.

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