A gal needed for crewing to Hawaii

Hey Gals,

This note is from Mary Campbell, organizer of a South Sound Women’s Boating group that I’ll put more up on soon. I wanted to get this opportunity up right away. Take a look and the contact numbers are there. Marilyn

Hello all –  I am planning to sail to Hawaii, hoping to leave soon. I just had a call from the skipper of the boat (True Blue, a steel Vancouver 38) who tells me that the third crew person has decided not to come along. This is a pretty big disappointment, as she had the offshore experience that Alice and I are yet to acquire. However, we decided that (as sailors do) we need to adjust sails and see if we might be able to find someone who – on short notice – wants to sail to Hawaii. I am a firm believer in asking the universe for exactly what you want….. We are looking for a third woman who is a experienced sailor/boat handler, preferably with offshore experience who can step in and share the adventure. I have met Alice and her boat, which is an extraordinarily well-found steel Vancouver 38 – solid, well built, exceptionally well equipped, and capable of handling just about anything I can imagine. Alice is a person whom I trust implicitly – a strong, resilient, capable woman. If you are interested, or know someone who might be, forward this email, or give me a call at 360.486.4665, or contact Alice Woods (skipper/owner) through her blog at <a href="http://www.sailblogs.com/member/newdawn/”>www.sailblogs.com/member/newdawn/

mary campbell


A note from Alice: I was due to leave this weekend with two other women on a Vancouver 38 bound for Hawaii. At the last minute, one of the crew pulled out, leaving us short.  We are hoping to find an experienced female sailor who can leave for Hawaii on short notice.  We are literally idling at the dock waiting for that to happen, and putting the word out everywhere we can.

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