NWWB Thriving!

Each of us travels varied paths through life. We all hope that, along the way, we will meet and make friends with others who enrich our lives, and encounter experiences that fuel our souls. We are so pleased that this loosely knit organization of women, Northwest Women in Boating, is thriving; likely because it does a little of both. Among the gals whose lives it touches, there is clearly a desire to make connections with other like-minded women. You show your desire and support for this opportunity when, without formalities or commitment required, you step up at Boat Show time to volunteer.

The gathering that thirty-two of us enjoyed onboard the MV Olympus enabled conversations to happen; friends and connections to be made. It gave us the opportunity to be touched and inspired by Diane VanDerbeek’s story of moving forward in life with intention and strength after losing her husband. She clearly loves being on the water, as we all do, and made some large commitments to herself to keep the yacht Olympus. She even took a further step to share and inspire others becoming Commodore of the Classic Yacht Association in the Pacific Northwest.

Like Diane, we all have gifts and strength to share and passions that can inspire others. Sometimes participation in an organization that “fits” our place and time in life can be a platform for developing both. We hope you all will continue enjoying Northwest Women in Boating. Our desire for it was to be a framework that could enable women to relax, enjoy, laugh, learn and grow in the company of other women who share a love of being on the water. We look forward, in the future, to learning more from each of you, and having our own enthusiasm enhanced by your knowledge and passions.

Vivian and Marilyn

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