Center for Wooden Boats Fundraising Breakfast

NWWB member, Elsie Hulsizer, serves on the Board of Trustees of the Center for Wooden Boats on south Lake Union. In the past, Betsy Davis, executive director of the CWB, has hosted Northwest Women in Boating for an enjoyable and interesting evening.

Elsie has sent an invitation to an upcoming Center for Wooden Boats fundraising event. Here is a link to complete information: Breakfast for Boats.

Part of the notice for the fundraiser explains:
…Come see how we change lives one boat at a time at Breakfast for Boats, our first benefit breakfast of this kind. Held in the neighborhood at REI, in a convenient pre-workday time (7:30-9am), join us on Thursday, October 13th, for a delicious breakfast catered by fellow neighbor Portage Bay Cafe. We want to hear from you about how you’d like to see CWB impact our community, and share stories with you of lives we’ve already changed.

Elsie shares that if enough gals from NWWB were interested in attending this event they could sit together at a designated table.  If you call to make a reservation, please tell them you’re from NWWB and would like to sit with other NWWB members.

Here are some thoughts by Elsie on why she serves on their board:

“I volunteer for this position because I believe that CWB is an important organization both for the boating community and for Seattle. We not only preserve Maritime Heritage but we also teach children, including disadvantaged children who otherwise might never get out on a boat, how to sail and build their own boats. To see how their lives are transformed by boats is wonderful.”

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