This weekend – A Workshop for Women Sailors at discount

Hey, sailors out there, our member Lynn Reister (the marine surveyor – Lodestar Marine) sent a note about a class to be held this weekend in Pt. Townsend by a friend of hers that has a couple spots open.

Note from Lynn: “They will offer a substanchian discount and could help find lodging (I think), But, you MUST CALL Christian (his wife) and mention my name SPECIFICALLY. Christian’s Cell 360-643-3302”

Aloft Ladies – A Weekend Workshop for Women Sailors  

  • Brion’s Rigging Loft – Port Townsend  – October 1 & 2
    This is a weekend just for you – in the company of other women sailors. We hope to get everyone comfortable, competent and most critically – safe aboard any boat. It is a powerful peace of mind one acquires when you understand how to reeve blocks to advantage and that the winches are strong,maintained and well thought out in the deck set-up. You will know because you did it yourself. This experience will give you the upper hand and the extra power to move mountains – or the boat through a mountain of seas. Women are often the one sent aloft – do you know how to get around up there – on your own, get your tools up with you, or how to get the problem fixed? You will know better after this class.
    Working Aloft
    Rig to your Advantage and Safety
    Winch Maintenance
    Knots and Double-Braid Splicing

Workshop Fee $450
Returning students $400
limited to 10 women
Weekend Discount on Tools and DVDs.
Order your Offshore Rig Repair Kit.

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