Mustang PFD Recall

Maggie Murphy alerted us to a life jacket recall. Here’s the information:


Also, Check out Pamela Benson’s informative comment (click on Comment below) as to why they switched away from inflatable PFD’s.

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1 Response to Mustang PFD Recall

  1. After years of using the inflatable PFDs (offshore/coastal) I recently made the decision to go back to a non-inflatable. Why? A few reasons: The first and foremost being when I did the annual test of mine, it inflated just fine, but DEFLATED within 10 minutes! When I re-inflated it (by blowing in the tube, not an easy task!) I discovered that there were three TINY little wear spots on the bottom edge, not readily visible, but more than enough to allow it to deflate. Obviously, the wear spots “stressed” and opened more when the PFD was inflated. I then inspected and tested my husbands, and it was fine; however it is newer, he does not work the deck while underway and thereby does not put as much wear-and-tear on his.

    A few years ago one of my son’s tested his by jumping into the water to see just how well it would auto-inflate. It inflated just fine and then promptly slipped over his head and off (he was simulating being unconscious). He is a bit of a skinny guy, so his wife decided to try hers, thinking that her larger proportions would stop the slid up. It helped, but not enough. That was when all of us had crotch straps sewn onto our PFD’s.

    Thirdly, I find now that I am of a “certain age” that I need/like a little bit of back-support especially while playing in the dinghy. And because I cruise at least 6 months every year, I spend a lot of time in the dinghy. The “standard” PFD, like the ones that the USCG wears, offer that support. I also have the security of knowing it is always “inflated.” The one draw-back to these are the need to put a harness over the PFD when working tethered on-deck.

    sv Spirit of Freedom
    Port of Grapeview, WA

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