We need more of your tips and ideas for the Boat Show seminars

Hey Gals, We appreciate the tips and ideas we’ve received for the two presentations our group is involved with at the Seattle Boat Show. We need more, so please, if you’ve been thinking about things you’ve created, do, have on board. have heard about others doing, that could be added to the tips for the presentations described below, send them and Thank You in advance.  send to nwwbviv@gmail.com

Shorter/ Taller, Bigger/Smaller? Making Your Onboard Spaces Friendlier While Living Aboard   Monday, Jan. 30th 3pm

Learn ideas for making little changes that can make the time you spend on the water more enjoyable for the whole crew. Would a smaller motor for the dingy with an electric starter make use of the dingy easier? Do you have a safe stool to allow shorter gals or children to see over dodger or reach the microwave safely? Learn about things boaters have found that can make life on the boat safer and more enjoyable.

NW Women in Boating Discuss Little Things You Can’t Do Without  Monday, Jan. 30th 1pm

Let’s talk and exchange ideas! From an infra-red non-contact thermometer measures temps to identify leaks around seals, engine temps, to glycerine for sticky zippers, you’ll learn all kinds of great ideas from boaters and have an opportunity to share your tips.


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