Tell Gals You Know About Women’s Day at the Boat Show

Women’s Day is Monday, January 30th. We hope you can make it.

Be sure to call or email all the women you know who would enjoy the Boat Show. And, while getting in touch, tell them about Northwest Women in Boating.

If you, or they, go to the link in the post below, they can print out a FREE pass for Monday, Jan. 30th (Women’s Day) (they MUST HAVE the printout to get free entry.)

Sally Hass, Marilyn Michael, Ace Spragg, and Vivian Strolis will coordinate a panel discussion on Monday, Jan 30th:

NW Women in Boating Discuss Little Things You Can Do Without A Panel of Members 1/30/2012-Monday 01:00 PM Silver

Vivian and Marilyn will be doing a seminar at 3:00pm on Monday, Jan. 30th:

Shorter/ Taller, Bigger/ Smaller? Making Your Onboard Spaces Friendlier While Living Aboard Vivian Strolis & Marilyn Michael 1/30/2012-Monday 03:00 PM Silver


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