March Meeting – Ideas for Changing or Perking Up Your Boat’s Interior

Judy Bell Davis, a boat interior designer will be our March speaker this is a reschedule for the snow cancellation in January. You won’t want to miss Judy, she’s fun and eager for your questions. She suggests you bring pictures, problem design issues, and anything she can address. She’d love to share ideas. So start thinking and if you want to send any questions ahead of time, send them to Vivian or Marilyn

Below is a sidebar from Marilyn Michael’s NorWesting Profile on Judy.

These are thoughts from Judy Bell-Davis for boaters considering interior design projects, or interior changes.

I’ve done vineyards, hotels, a lot of diverse projects and I enjoy all of it. I’ve offered all levels of assistance from consulting on what kind of a fabric to put into draperies to the outfitting of a totally custom yacht. People get the idea using a designer is gong to be expensive, and, yes we do work for a living, but in many cases it’s less expensive to have a consultation with an experienced marine designer who knows different fabrics, materials and cost levels and how you can make things look like a million bucks at $4.95 a yard. The average person doesn’t have the kind of product knowledge stored in their head that a designer does.

A designer can help you make the space that you have work with how you need it to be. They can help you meet your criteria for maintenance. Do you want to be a slave every day vacuuming carpet? People should have fun on their boats.

A boat owner should consider, is it a multi purpose boat or more for corporate entertaining? Is it primarily used as a water taxi or a cocktail barge, that next weekend will be taking boy scouts out with their dogs?

I met one lady who has a boat a vintage family boat. It hadn’t had anything done for a long time they don’t want to spend a lot, but want to freshen it up. We are meeting on board and writing out a staging plan for both budget and fun. The best time for planning is in the winter.

Things that should be considered on boats are storage, comfortable seating, comfortable mattresses, privacy and light control. The first thing I do when I walk onboard, I glance around and if my eye stops on something, I analyze why it stops. I also look for safety factors. And, having owned boats in the past, there is nothing worse than having to store everything before setting off.

Some Steps Toward a Successful Refit Project
1. Systems
2. Finishes
3. Soft Coverings
4. Budget and Time Frame

Notebook (3-ring) Separate each room or area into tabbed chapters
Analyze each room:
a). Lighting
b). Storage
c). Comfort
d). Visual ie., It’s OK or OMG!!

For example:
Bunk Room needs
Better lighting for reading and storage access
New cushion foam and covers
Sleep sacks
New wall panels

It’s helpful to cut out pictures of things you admire, such as color combinations, equipment, style direction for seating and window treatments and any storage ideas. Make notes on each picture with sticky notes so you’ll remember what you liked in the picture then place it in the appropriate tabbed chapter in your notebook. Before long, you’ll be organized and ready to proceed with your project.

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