Fundraiser for Oar Northwest on Yacht Olympus

Diane VanDerbeek sent this information on an April 6th Fundraiser and, also, an opportunity to help serve on Yacht Olympus during the event.

“I am having that fundraiser for Oar Northwest – an announcement is attached.  We have limited space on the yacht (for the first 10 people to contact me) – Please know there is a minimum donation of at least $100.00 per person

I might need a few gals to help serve too.  They would need to be at the boat by 4:00 – at Lake Union Park.  The boat that they are rowing in will be there on display and will be rafted up to Olympus for the night of April 6 before their April 7 departure.

Diane can be contacted at:  or at 206.919.5099

Support Oar Northwest’s circumnavigation of Vancouver Island

Oar Northwest, an adventure ocean rowing and education organization, will begin its expedition into the Salish Sea and circumnavigation of Vancouver island on April 7, 2012. Using pioneering satellite communications to deliver live streaming video from the rowboat while underway, OAR Northwest connects families, students and classrooms to the extraordinary craft.

Once at sea, the rowers will face great challenges as they venture around Vancouver Island in a 29-foot specialized ocean rowboat.  “This boat is unlike any other type of rowboat,” says OAR Northwest expedition member & Olympic Gold Medalist in rowing Adam Kreek. “The expedition team uses North America’s most technologically advanced rowboat as a home, laboratory and life-support on an unforgiving ocean.”

The OAR Northwest expedition crew and staff will be making final preparations on the afternoon of April 6th.  We are all grateful for the people and organizations supporting this grand expedition.  Thank you in advance for your financial contributions that will underwrite the costs of the vessel’s safety and communication equipment.

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