May 21st Meeting: Overboard Emergencies, Preparing Ahead

Overboard Emergencies, Preparing Ahead
Vivian has gone all out arranging instructional videos and, though the NMTA is not on the water, she has rigged a real over the balcony hands on experience to get the feel of recovering someone from the water. You’ll have the opportunity to think through all that is involved. Ever faced with the real situation, we’ll all be glad to have thought it through ahead of time. If there any of you have had to respond to an overboard emergency it would be great if you would share. Our group is a great place to ask questions, talk things through and share knowledge. As you are aware, we have a lot of knowledgeable boaters in our midst.

More information on the Meeting page

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One Response to May 21st Meeting: Overboard Emergencies, Preparing Ahead

  1. Dana Greyson says:

    Great hands-on learning! That plus the group discussion changes the way I’ll equip my boat and myself for potential man overboards. Hmmmm this is one time where statistically it probably is a man vs a woman overboard! For those interested in more hands-on experience, Milltown Saliing Club in Everett is running a rescue class Saturday June 23rd, Milltown uses a diver in a drysuit as the man overboard, so participants will get the real deal in experiencing firsthand what it takes to pull a body up.

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