Man Overboard! Can You Get Him Back On Board?

Wow, over 25 of us came together for a valuable experience – learning what it takes to get someone back on board after they’ve fallen in the water. This experience got us all thinking about how to prepare ourselves and our boats. Vivian started the evening with a video followed by a lively discussion and topped of by hands-on demos of life saving approaches. She bought her Pully system (see pics) She’d found it  on the Internet for about $30. It is a 5 to 1 ratio making it surprisingly easy to hoist.

Top piece of trivia from the evening: Studies have shown that a large majority of overboards occur when a man on board decides to take a  whiz off the side of the boat.

Line that got the biggest laugh: “I’ll kill him if he ever goes overboard!”

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One Response to Man Overboard! Can You Get Him Back On Board?

  1. Dana Greyson says:

    Learned in the Washington Sea Grant First Aid Class I took 2 days later that when you fall in cold water, you have about 1 minute to get your breathing under control, then about 10 minutes of productive movement. After that, your motor skills drop way off — even if you’re a great athlete. That was a big “Aha” for me, as I consider myself a strong swimmer with lots of endurance, and would have figured I could do the breast stroke for quite a while to conserve energy. Instead, I would definitely go for a very focused freestyle. Good info that I hope I will never have cause to put to test.

    BTW if you’re interested in taking a Sea Grant First Aid class in the future

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