NWWB in Sunbrella Newsletter and Bell Design Blog

In March we enjoyed interior designer Judy Bell-Davis who brought us up to speed with great new materials and design ideas for boats. Judy contacted one of her suppliers, Sunbrella, and was able to gift all those attending with attractive Sunbrella totes. We had a great time and LOVED  the totes! The meeting was written up in the Sunbrella company blog and Judy wrote about the evening on her blog, as well.



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One Response to NWWB in Sunbrella Newsletter and Bell Design Blog

  1. Dana Greyson says:

    It’s clear Judy know how to marry practical and pretty (or handsome as the case may be) when it comes to interior boat design. It would be cool to find out a year from that meeting… “Sunbrella tote tales”… the life and times of where some of those Sunbrella totes traveled to… Thank you Judy, Vivian and Marilyn for an awesome meeting and a warm welcome to a lovely group of wise & witty women boaters.

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