Monday, July 16th Meeting: Change in Our Lives: The Impact of the Boating Life

Please join us for our next meeting this coming Monday, July 16th. It will be a fun, informational and introspective evening examining the subject of change. We will examine the role our boating experiences have had and continue to have in how we evolve psychologically.

We are all at times forced into transition – career changes, losing friends and family, evolving as children leave home, moving, contending with illness or body changes as we age and to choosing a completely new way of life such Nancy Hunting who is setting sail south on July 21st for long-range cruising. Making transitions, desired or undesired, is challenging. It requires emotional strength, clarity of mind and physical energy.

As a part of NWWB we are brought together by our love of boating and our shared boating experiences. I am an introspective soul (and a psychotherapist*). During my 30 years boating, living aboard and writing about my experiences, I’ve been interested in the psychological impact of the boating life. I’ve been interested in the changes in my life, my self and the lives of others, especially women, brought about by involvement with boating

The evenings open discussion (we’ll welcome your participation) will begin by me, Marilyn Michael, interviewing two of our members for whom major life change stimulated by the boating life is very real.

Nancy Hunting who is untying the lines at Shilshole on June 21st for a life of cruising. (It’s a chance to wish her well.)


Susan Walker who is rebuilding a life on land after years spent cruising.

There is much more to the boating life than learning boating skills. We hope you’ll join us in this evening of getting to know each other better and learning from each other about this important life topic.

Here are some thoughts to consider ahead of time:

Sometimes we are led into change… Did we choose the boating lifestyle or grow into it? Were we following someone else’s passion?

Sometimes our idea of what an experience would be like was different from the reality… Did we know what we were getting into? If not, was the reality positive or not so?

Living healthfully sometimes demands transition… Has our style/type of boating changed and, if so, why. Does it need to evolve and are we resisting?

Clearly responding to change healthfully demands learning and growing… What has boating taught us besides boating skills?

Tolerating change healthfully requires a certain amount of maturity… Did we go into boating with maturity or did we mature along the way?

*For those of you curious about the subject of how we handle change and transition, a recent newsletter I published as part of my therapy practice, North American Institute of NeuroTherapy, was focused on making change. It offers two short pieces on the subject.

Here is a link:

Change Happens!

In the box titled: In This Issue, the articles to click on are:

Change Happens! and Brain Trivia: Your Brain Making Change

For directions and other meeting information, click on July 16th Meeting on the menu bar above

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