Everett Marina Swap Meet Sept. 22 and Boat U.S. Man Overboard Article Worth A Read

Don’t forget the Everett Marina Swap Meet tomorrow starting at 7am. See earlier post.

Our Man Overboard meeting was a huge draw, all of us realize the importance of not being caught unprepared for such a happening. Also, the importance of considering strategies for someone possibly of lesser strength retrieving someone from the water.

The Boat U.S. Magazine for Oct./Nov. has a worth-reading article, How To Prepare For A Man Overboard and it’s online, too. Grab your cup of coffee, take a break and give it a read. Here is a link:


When we met on Vivian’s boat a couple years ago, she went in the water with an inflatable vest and we got to practice actual retrieving. If anyone would like to host a meeting on their boat next summer, we could do it again, think about it.

One thing we learned from Vivian’s in-the-water experience was for women not to cinch an inflatable life vest too tight or, after it inflates, you might be black and blue for several days.

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