Video: Columbia River: Great River of the West

Not too many of us have taken a boat down the Columbia River. This video, in time-lapse photography, takes you on a beautiful trip along the river.

It was featured in Sea Magazine online.

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One Response to Video: Columbia River: Great River of the West

  1. Anne Cox - Gmail says:

    Thank you for sending this along!

    It brings back memories of paddling over 180 miles of the Columbia in the early 90’s, soon after I purchased a kayak. I had decided to get on the water to make life more enjoyable while living in what for me was a challenging place. The Columbia River had long fascinated me as a wild river; still, I figured there was much to experience and learn.

    I set off on a solo trip paddling my 14 ft Coaster and experiencing the river. I enjoyed paddling from Bridgeport to Richland, WA, over 6 days, experiencing the impacts of 5 dams, agriculture, recreation, the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, high winds, a screaming jet, training in a lonely canyon of the river (that nearly scared me to death!), migrant children playing along the bank at Vantage and much more.

    The history and many people and faces of the Columbia will always fascinate me, but that little boat taught me that I could travel to the sea just as the River does. I decided to end my Columbia River paddle at Richland, where I lived, and head to Seattle for a 5 day sea kayaking class, knowing I wanted to learn how to travel in the Sound and around the San Juan’s. The next 8 years brought kayaking trips around the San Juans, 5 weeklong trips to the west side of Vancouver Island and one to Jedediah Island east of Vancouver Island.

    Happy memories from earlier years as I now write from sunny San Diego, living aboard Cascadia, a spacious and comfortable 25′ Ranger Tug.

    Anne Cox, planning to return with Cascadia to the NW when the Rhodies next bloom!

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