Felicity Ann Boat Project Has a New Blog

Penelope Partridge spoke at our October meeting about the Felicity Ann Boat Project (see below). They now have a blog if you’d like to keep up with what is happening with this worthwhile project. We’ll place it on our Member’s Blog Page. (And, please, submit your own blog if you have one.)

The Felicity Ann Boat Project Blog

felicity ann boat project

Felicity Ann is the tiny 23-foot sloop that was sailed by Ann Davison  during her 1952-1953 solo crossing of the Atlantic ocean, the first woman to cross alone under sail. Penelope Partridge, a sailmaking alumni of the Boat School, is working with Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding staff to host a program for high school girls and young women centered around completing the restoration of Felicity Ann. Felicity Ann Boat Project offers empowering maritime learning opportunities for high school girls, and local women who aspire to do shipwright and captain work.

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1 Response to Felicity Ann Boat Project Has a New Blog

  1. Dana Greyson says:

    Thought you might enjoy this….

    http://www.galleywenchtales.com/2012/11/dinghy-disruptions-again.html http://www.galleywenchtales.com/2012/12/spending-for-safety-dinghy-dramas-done.html

    Update: We took our new dinghy out…. and ran it out of gas! Long row back to the boat. Not a mistake we’re likely to make again.

    And a question… I would love some sage advice on when to do regular manual laundry versus when to do the ammonia wash.


    Dana Greyson (no phone — it’s email & Skype* only until June 2013)* *

    http://www.GalleyWenchTales.com wwww.Facebook.com/GalleyWenchTales http://www.linkedin.com/in/danagreyson *Skype: svjourney365 (Skype is free. To sign up, go to www.*skype*.com)

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