Opportunity for a fun way to get out on the water Saturday, Jan. 9th

The predicted-log contest group in our region is long on boats but short on Observers for the Queen City YC First of Season Race. If any NWWB members are looking for a fun event Saturday, Jan 19th they’ll be fed, they’ll be appreciated, they’ll meet new folks, they’ll be on the water…and they don’t have to pay for fuel or make any repairs!

An Observer’s primary responsibilities are to note down accurate times at precise points in the pre-set course, time pieces are provided; and to ensure that no clocks are available to the racers and the boats stay close to their intended course and at their predicted speed. Other than that you stay out of their way and watch them work. They are very appreciative of your participation; it’s always a good time.   Observers attend a training session at 9:30am in the QCYC club house. Boats head out with staggered starts, and the last boats are generally in by 3ish with staggered finishes. Lunch is provided by your skipper and you are welcome to stay for the awards dinner with your old and new friends. Dinner is complementary for observers.   It’s like a car rally in a power boat, with winds and currents and the like tossed in to keep it interesting. The teams predict the time it will take to get from point to point on a designated course. Since their GPS is shut down, they use seamanship and all manner of unusual trinkets to make their way around the course, trying to predict, to the second, when they will cross the finish line.   Anyone who’s interested should contact

Vince Firlotte VinceF@exoticmetals.com Mobile: 253-740-2792

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