Fun and Prizes NWWB Meeting Next Mon. Feb. 18th

This Monday’s meeting is going to be relaxing fun and informative. Invite a friend, it would be a fun way to introduce someone to our group. For full information click on the menu bar above.

We’re a knowledgable bunch and we are going to chat about our favorite pastime, boating. There are some specific questions that we really hope all of you can take the time to answer (see listed below). All those who provide some answers will be entered into THE DRAWINGS. There will be one winner picked from those who couldn’t make it but who provided some answers. There will be numerous prizes (cool stuff) awarded in drawings held that evening for those attending.

Bring you answers to the meeting and plan for a relaxed, fun time.

If you can’t attend, email your answers to

We plan to put all that good information on the blog.

Again, full information about the meeting is available by clicking February Meeting on the menu bar above. Here are the questions, answer any that you can and PLEASE SHARE THEM WITH US

Favorite Marina/Destination from the South Sound to the tip of the San Juan Islands

Favorite anchorage (second favorite if you don’t want to share your first)

Favorite marine “toy” , ie. dingy, kayak, paddle board, float tube, etc.

Favorite meal you cook on board

Favorite place to take photos on the water


The one unusual thing on their boat you like best and don’t know why everyone doesn’t have one.


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