Boater Ed Required In 2013 if You’re 50 Or Less

Maggi Murphy offers an important reminder as you begin summer boating.

Boater Education is Required by Law

boater education card

Seems like a good idea to remind everyone that once again yet another age group of Washington boaters has been added to those required to carry a Boaters Education Card when operating a motorboat.  As of 2013, anyone 50 years and younger and operating a motorboat of 15 hp or greater must carry a card.  In 2014, anyone 59 years and younger must meet that same requirement.   After 2014, cards are required of any person born after Jan. 1, 1955.  The lifetime card is $10 and the fine is $87. states that while Washington boaters enjoy reciprocity with Canada and Oregon, Canada and Oregon do not exempt people born before Jan. 1, 1955, so many older boaters are getting cards anyway. (Transport Canada) states that US Citizens in Canadian waters for up to 45 days are exempt.  Pleasure Craft Operator Cards are required of Canadian boat operators.

For more detailed information regarding exemptions, minimum age, personal water craft, charters, lost cards, the required test, classroom vs. online study, is it good in Canada, etc. go to: .

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