July 15th NWWB Meeting Help Plan The ‘Piece of Boat Project’

Hi Gals,

Northwest Women in Boating is about learning to be better boaters, sharing our knowledge with others and having fun along the way. We hope you will join our enthusiasm for a project that could become a signature project for our organization. Our meeting next Monday, July 15th introduces the ‘Piece of Boat Project’ (it even needs a better name). It will be a way for us to learn, share knowledge and enjoy ourselves.

Thanks to the Derelict Vessel Removal Program of the Department of Natural Resources, we can have a portion of a boat for teaching purposes. Now, you say, what are we going to do with a portion of a boat?  Well, get your imaginations going…here is the vision…

NMTA and the boat dealers are aware that people hesitate getting involved in boating due to their lack of confidence in the skills it takes.  Handling lines is one of the biggies. Imagine a cool old boat section possibly next to the Information Booth at the boat show. It has cleats and railing and stanchions, maybe there’s a portion of a bull rail in front of it. The idea is to make it available so people can have some hands-on knot tying/line handling experience, getting their minds around how it happens on an actual boat.

This could be a signature project for NWWB dovetailing nicely with our volunteer work at the Seattle Boat Show and our role helping create more knowledgeable boaters.

We need you to come Monday to have fun helping us flesh out this project.

Do we have classes once a day at the Boat Show on the “piece-of-boat”?

Do our volunteers encourage passersby to get hand’s-on with “piece-of-boat”?

How do we decide what piece-of-boat we need? Is it kind of like butchering a cow, what prime section do we need?

Do we name “piece-of-boat?

It’s an opportunity for those of you interested to get hands on in fixing up “piece-of-boat” or…come up with ideas like possibly how Center for Wooden Boats might help us.

Do we enlist other groups of gals to join us in our “piece-of-boat” knot tying/line handling instruction adventure?

How do we make this a signature piece at the Seattle Boat Show?

Do we get companies to donate line for tying, etc. and do they get listed visibly as contributor to the project?

We are excited and want to excite you about bringing this project together for the next boat show and we have to start early, that’s why we are doing this now. We got “piece of boat” now we need your ideas, your creativity, even your humor about this. Let’s get together Monday night and have some fun with this.

Monday, July 15th, 2013 7:00pm – until 9:00 pm or so

LOCATION:  1900 N Northlake Way, #233 Seattle, WA 98103

We meet at the Northwest Marine Trade Association conference room. Park at Fisheries Supply and walk into the courtyard beside Fisheries, take the stairs and turn right. We are the furthest door on the left.

The Northwest Marine Trade Association has graciously welcomed our group of Northwest Women in Boating to use their office for our meetings.  There’s great  parking and it’s a comfortable and professional place to meet.  Thank  you Northwest Marine Trade Association for your support.

Please RSVP to Vivian at nwwbviv@gmail.com or Marilyn at lkunion@aol.com

Bring an hors d oeuvre or something to drink if you desire. Wine is fine.  Coffee (reg or decaf) provided.

Remember: Investigate our blog you can sign-up to crew or for crew and find lots of other great information. Go to www.nwwb.wordpress.com

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