Fundraiser Sat. Oct. 5th for Juli Tallino’s Tug Iver

Bad things happen to good people. Juli Tallino has been a long and enthusiastic supporter of Northwest Women in Boating. This week, the 72′ tugboat Iver, that she and husband, Bill Soderberg, were living aboard and renovating, sank. As you can read in the article linked below, they didn’t just loose their home and belongings but have major costs surrounding the clean up operation.

Northwest Seaport is putting on a fundraiser Saturday, Oct. 5 from 5 to 8 p.m. aboard the tug Arthur Foss in Lake Union Park at the bottom of Lake Union. From the publication, My Ballard,  “It’s happening at the end of the Classic Workboat Show, which is all day on Saturday at Lake Union Park. They’ll be serving beer, the proceeds from which will go to Soderberg and Tallino to help them clean up and rebuild their home.”

For those who would like to help but cannot attend, an online fundraiser has also been set up to save Iver.

From the fundraising website:

Bill and Julie’s beloved tugboat, Tug Iver, sunk overnight, likely due to the storm and strong winds last night. This was their home, and they have lost everything they own, along with countless hours of hard work. The bills are stacking up as fast as the Iver went down. Just today, they estimate it will cost around $50,000 to have the fuel cleaned up, divers working all day, and contracting to get her hauled out of the water. This is just for day one, and doesn’t include any of the personal belongings they lost

Click here for a link to the publication, My Ballard, for more information about the sinking and the fundraiser for the Tug Iver

To learn more about Iver the tug, visit

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