Mon. Oct. 21st Down The Coast With Anne & Crewing Opportunities

Hi Gals,

Come relax and enjoy our meeting, Monday October 21st. Member, Anne Alberg, will share her off shore cruising adventure to San Francisco, and, as a bonus, she will tell you how to find crewing opportunities locally and even internationally.


Anne shares…

“Our friends following our course online saw us head into Astoria only 24 hours into our journey, did we have a medical emergency??? My question was why was the US Coast Guard escort boat filming us as we crossed the Columbia Bar into Astoria, Oregon. Did you know that since 1792 over 2,000 boats have been lost crossing the Columbia Bar? Maybe the Coast Guard had a special guest aboard… Come see photos and video of our life out on the Pacific Ocean on Cascadia’s 6 day journey from Neah Bay to San Francisco. Did we get sea sick? Was it flat as glass or did we have 44 knot winds and 10′ seas? Did we get soaked through our rain gear more than once? Would we all do it again, absolutely!!!”

****As a bonus, Anne will share ideas for how to find opportunities to go boating/sailing locally and also internationally. Is this something you have thought about? Maybe you will be a future presenter telling your story of an adventure on the high seas…

At 50 years old, Captain Anne Alberg turned her lifetime passion for sailing into a new career. She combines her love of people, global adventure, story telling and teaching to provide her clients a supportive environment to learn while having a great time along the journey. In addition, as a Charter Skipper, Anne takes clients to the northern waters of British Columbia, the San Juan Islands or far away adventures in the warm waters of the British Virgin Islands, Myanmar and beyond. Visit or email Anne at, 206-227-2663.


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One Response to Mon. Oct. 21st Down The Coast With Anne & Crewing Opportunities

  1. says:

    Hi from San Diego,

    I am sorry to miss another great program with great people.

    I am considering coming up during the Boat Show to volunteer again. It was great fun last January so I will start looking for a ticket now that I just arrived here!

    My boat is supposed to leave Cap Sante finally tomorrow, 9 days late due to the driver having his truck break down and it taking a very long time to get the engine repaired.

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