The NWWB Piece of Boat Project What – Why – How

We have our Piece of Boat! Our Piece of Boat is now lovingly referred to as POB. Now we need a committee to decide what knots and lines will be offered for practice and how signage will work for this project.

Let Vivian know if you would be willing to help at email:









What is the Piece of Boat (POB) Project?

The POB will function as a place to learn and practice tying knots and handling lines on actual cleats and railings.

Our hope is that, with your help, POB can become a great tool for a hands-on experience at boat shows helping boat owners and potential owners feel more comfortable with knots and have a better understanding of what knot to tie, where and at what time.

Benefits of the POB  Project

  • Supporting and promoting Northwest Women in Boating
  • An educational experience that promotes safer, more knowledgeable boaters through a hands-on activity that makes them more comfortable with the skill of knot tying.
  • Supporting the Northwest Marine Trade Association’s goal of a more robust future for recreational boating by providing a skill building activity.

Making the POB Project Work

As our organization is free and has no money we have found and are still seeking commercial sponsors for this project.

  • It was procured through Department of Natural Resources Derelict Vessel Removal Program
  • It is being refurbished by CSR Marine

We are still seeking the following:  (Please let us know if you know of resources)

  • A flat-bed trailer to haul it to the boat show.
  • A sponsor for required liability insurance
  • A sponsor for the creation of signage

Benefits for commercial sponsors of the POB  Project

  • Advertising on the Piece of Boat – their logo / company name
  • Listing on Northwest Women in Boating Blog,

More to come on POB project. It has a booth at the boat show (413 in the East hall). We’ll be asking for volunteers to staff the booth and they will NOT have to teach knot tying – it’s a self learning opportunity.  Plan to join the fun, stay tuned.

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