Boat Show Volunteer Information

Hi Gals,

Thank you all, once again, for volunteering your time at the Boat Show, we know you’ll have fun. If you are working, please read the information available on the Boat Show Volunteer Information Link at the top of the blog in the menu. And if you are working the  “Knot A Boat” booth. Here is a copy of Vivian’s recent email with helpful information.


Knot People:

Wouldn’t you know it – Elsie came up with a better way to do the knots and it is highly recommended by Linda Lewis.  It is the website called Animated Knots and linked below and it is excellent.  It makes it so easy that I think I may even have found a way to get the end of the halyard cleat hitch right without trying to do it several times.  Must practice rolling my wrist for some of these.  Anyway enjoy learning the knots or at least practicing a few so you will be familiar.  I think we will all really enjoy doing it.

The knots to practice are:


Cleat hitch (halyard),

Clove hitch,

Anchor hitch,

Figure 8,

Sheet bend and

Rolling hitch

There are minor differences between some of these and the flash cards (and minor differences in the names) but if anyone learns to tie those, they can tie the ones on the flash cards. Plus seeing the animation really helps.

NOTE CORRECTION:  Friday the 24th is the Wine Tasting – I had it wrong on the Volunteer Information – sorry.




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