CWB Boat Project Expanding Opportunity for Folks To Enjoy The Water – You Can Help

Elsie Hulsizer has shared news about an exciting project ongoing at the Center For Wooden Boats (CWB). CWB has been renovating its fleet of much-loved and much-used Blanchard Junior Knockabouts. To increase the number of boats available to the public from this historic fleet, CWB has come up with a modern technique: a crowd sourcing campaign using the indiegogo website to raise $16,000 to renovate their red Blanchard.

Check out their campaign, called “It’s a Hard Knockabout Life for a Boat,”, The site includes some interesting videos of the restoration process. The best thing about a crowd-source campaign is you can contribute what ever amount you can afford from $5 on up. Whatever you contribute counts because it’s part of a community effort.

CWB Project

CWB has the largest fleet of Blanchard Junior Knockabouts in the country. These boats are the most hardworking members of their collection and have been used to teach thousands of people to sail on Lake Union.

You can help them put another Blanchard Junior Knockabout back into their fleet!

(Note from Marilyn: My neighbor volunteers at CWB scheduling folks for the free boat rides, they are extremely popular. I see them go by all the time and appreciate the fact that there is an opportunity for folks who don’t/can’t own a boat to feel some of what we all get to feel out there on the water. This chance to get out on our beautiful waters will inevitably help develop the passion, in some, to become boaters themselves.)

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