Help, Need Your Thoughts For Oven Replacement

Hi Gals,

Marilyn here, I am needing to purchase a new toaster oven for my boat. I use mine a lot (toasting, baking and broiling options). I have found a toaster oven quick and easy to use, especially in the summer when I don’t want to heat things up onboard. My older one was an Oster and worked well, but brands and technology change. I’m hoping some of you may have a suggestion as to a good brand to consider?

Also, do you have a “can’t do without” item or suggestion for the galley that other boating gals might like to hear about? Summer entertainment is getting into full swing.

Thanks in advance

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2 Responses to Help, Need Your Thoughts For Oven Replacement

  1. Murphy, Maggi says:

    I can’t do without one of those clam-shell style manual citrus presses – Target carries a sturdy cast aluminum lemon squeezer for $6, I use a smaller lime-sized version (but wish it was larger so I wouldn’t have to quarter lemons & oranges), OXO sells one for about $15. There is NOTHING quite like fresh squeezed oj on a sunny morning in Desolation Sound or SE Alaska. Or real fresh squeezed lime juice in summer cocktails. Citrus fruits are pricey this year, I know, but fresh squeezed juice is such a treat! — Maggi

  2. Great idea!
    My galley is currently under construction and I have a temporary one set up in the wheelhouse. I’ve been working around using a real stove and an oven, and I can’t believe I haven’t thought of that! Space is even more limited than usual, so I’ve been trying not to bring home too many things, either.

    So far my only ‘must have’ item at this point was a wine cork 🙂

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