NWWB – Prompt 7pm start to Monday’s Presentation


Deborah Bach, publisher of Three Sheets Northwest and new communications director of the Northwest Marine Trade Association, will be our speaker. She is a very active observer and commentator on the Northwest Boating Community. She will, also, offer you excellent information about enhancing your boating experience by blogging. Below are two links. The first introduces you to Three Sheets NW guest bloggers and the second to the member’s blog page of the Northwest Women in Boating blog (please consider joining if you have a blog).

Three Sheets Northwest Guest Bloggers

Northwest Women in Boating Blog Page

We look forward to seeing you.

Marilyn and Vivian


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1 Response to NWWB – Prompt 7pm start to Monday’s Presentation

  1. MelKell says:

    A shame Deborah wasn’t able to join us this month but Marilyn did a fantastic job standing in! You provided really great advice and lots of encouragement about blogging. Thank you so much, Marilyn!! (thank you also to Lynne Reister for letting us know about this fantastic monthly gathering of amazing and interesting women!)

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