Vibrational Meditation

I bought a new sander and I used my new sander for the first time today. I’m working hard to ‘stay present’ with my sander. That may sound strange, but too often when using a sander on wood that needs refinishing, one focuses on the big job ahead and the inability to bring ultimate perfection to the job. I like my new sander it’s small, fits nicely in my hand and gets in small spaces. And, it works. Old wood covering is disappearing and the wood looks fresh and beautiful again…a small chunk at a time. I want to try to stay focused on the fresh and beautiful that is emerging, not on the unsanded wood in front of me. I want to try to sand a little at a time and I think my new little sander will make me comfortable doing that. I have in the past said WHY? Why! did we pick a boat that has wood that encircles the edge? But the wood belongs to the boat it is part of the boat’s character. I shouldn’t wish the wood away. In finding a way to do my own wood; by offering it my labors, I feel more invested in my boat. And, doing my wood offers me time away from left brain word processing and computer screens. That helps a better neurological balance. I’m trying to consider it “vibrational meditation”.

 Just some thoughts I had today. Maybe they will offer encouragement to some of you out there “doing your wood”.



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2 Responses to Vibrational Meditation

  1. kaileannventures says:

    The emotional complexities of wooden boats (or boats with wood 🙂
    I’m in the middle of huge reconstruction on my vessel, and I keep finding that the simpler tasks (doing the wood, washing the hull etc.) always seem more time consuming than they are, or get washed up in a “I don’t have time to do that little project when massive xyz projects need doing!!” Type of mindset.
    But then I see the bright hull, how pretty the windows look after a meticulous cleaning, or marveling at the gleam from the lines, I can take a break from worrying about the plumbing, or those electrical parts not coming in, and how those small seeming projects add so much to her overall appearance 🙂

  2. Joanne Poggetti says:

    Love it!

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