Special NWWB Meeting September 15th Seattle Harbor Patrol Unit Will Host Us

Hey Gals,

We have a location change and a real treat for the September 15th meeting. We will gather at and be hosted by the Seattle Harbor Patrol Unit at the top of Lake Union very close to where we usually meet (See Directions below).

Officers will talk to us about what they do, and answer questions. We will get a tour of their docks, boats and facility. The SPD dive unit and fire boats are located there. This is a rare opportunity to meet up close and personal with the professionals who patrol the waters we enjoy around Seattle. This will be a very informative and interesting evening. Don’t miss this one.

(Side note from Marilyn: I used to write a column for Nor’Westing called Waterbeat. I would write up on-the-water incidents like you’d see in a regular police blotter. I got to know Harbor Patrol officers and learned about all the diverse things they do. It’s a unique and fascinating element of the Seattle Police Department, of special interest to boaters.)

Hors d oeuvres or munchies will be very welcome as we can share them with the officers on the shift. (We won’t be able to do wine.)


The address of the Seattle Harbor Patrol facility is: 1717 North Northlake Place website: http://www.seattle.gov/police/units/harbor/default.htm

Remember this is a new location for the meeting, for just this month. Here are the directions:

The entrance to the Seattle Harbor Patrol facility is on a short dead-end street just WEST of Gasworks Park.

Coming from Fremont heading East on Northlake Way veer to the right onto Northlake Place (a short dead-end street). It is just before the Gasworks Parking lot. (If you are at the Gasworks parking lot you’ve gone too far.)

Coming from the East heading west on Northlake Way pass the Gasworks parking lot and take the very next left hand turn – a very sharp turn down a short dead-end street.

You will see a chain link fence with a call box next to it. Hit the button on the call box and they will open the gate. There is plenty of parking

If lost call: 206-684-4071

Please note: it’s especially important that you RSVP for this meeting to Vivian at nwwbviv@gmail.com or Marilyn at lkunion@aol.com so we can give them a sense of how many will be coming.

Vivian Strolis – nwwbviv@gmail.com


Marilyn Michael lkunion@aol.com


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