A Positive Thought On The Intersection Of Seattle’s Bridges And Boats

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I read the regional online newsblog, Crosscut.com

It’s Bridge Month. Prolific chronicler of Seattle, Knute Berger, wrote an article on Seattle’s bridges and issues surrounding them , titled, Bridges Are Tying Seattle In Knotty Questions

Early in the article:
…living in Seattle shouldn’t make practical sense. We built the city on terrain unfit for a city, and it will always challenge us, especially as we grow…

At the end:
Having barriers we have to move around—or that become an exercise in patience—is not all a bad thing.

There’s something in me that likes the idea that we live in a city that can be brought to a stop by pleasure boaters. Annoying, sometimes, back-up inducing, yes. But we can do worse than turn off the engine, watch the scenery and enjoy a few moments of enforced moments of calm during the day. Get out of your car, you might see a kingfisher or a cormorant or a kayaker defying the 9-to-5 way of life.

Think of a drawbridge opening as a tax you pay for being in a city which is one of the best places to own a boat in America, a city that occasionally asks you to relax for a few minutes.


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