STEM Educational Opportunity for Young Girls Starting Jan 2016 at CWB

NWWB is all about enhancing women’s lives. Member Margaret Pommert, educated as an engineer, is spearheading a great opportunity for young girls. Think of daughters, granddaughters, daughters of friends. Consider this or pass on this notice and help get the word out about this opportunity.

Do you know a Seattle area middle school aged girl who could benefit from more exposure to science, technology, engineering, math… and sailing?  Heck, all of us would benefit, right? 🙂

Enrollment is underway for The Center for Wooden Boats​ and Frog Prints e​ Thursday after-school program, starting in January.

Link for more info and enrollment:

From the website:

Subject Areas covered: Life Science, Earth Science, Physical Science, Technology, Engineering, how sail design influences usage of wind, temperature and basic math (time, speed, velocity)

Skills Developed:  Prediction, Problem solving, how to iterate on design, teamwork, designing experiments

Vocabulary: Wind, Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV-SeaPerch), Sonar, Explore, Expedition, Research, Center of Effort, Center of Lateral Resistance, Points of Sail, Wind Direction, Nautical Mile

Summary: This program is for middle school girls only, ages eleven to thirteen.  The program utilizes curriculum from the following sources: US Sailing’s REACH STEM Education Program curriculum, and the SeaPerch Robotics program managed by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) foundation and created by the Office of Naval Research (ONR).

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