NWWB Volunteering Info for Seattle Boat Show

A Quick Overview of 2016 Seattle Boat Show Volunteering Positions and What You Receive

It’s that time – time to volunteer for a shift/s at the Seattle Boat Show starting on January 29th to February 6th. This is how we thank the NMTA for use of their facilities for our meetings. There are some exciting changes and we’re looking forward to a very fun show.

Here’s What We Need You To Do ASAP (Imp. note: you have to email Vivian with the shifts you desire, she is filling out the spreadsheet, it is not interactive.)

  • Make sure you received Vivian’s email containing the spreadsheet. (If you didn’t check spam then email nwwbviv@gmail.com and request it. We’ll get your email on the mailing list.
  • Download and save the spreadsheet to your computer.
  • Look it over and choose the shift or shifts you desire to volunteer. 
  • Email the following information to Vivian at nwwbviv@gmail.com but do not email back the spread sheet. Just let us know the dates and shifts you can staff and we’ll fill out the information on the spreadsheet.  The spreadsheet is not interactive.  Include your snail mail address so we can send you your free parking pass/passes and tickets. We will mail them at least a week before the show. Please enclose your cell phone number (in case we need to contact you the day of your shift).

And if at all possible…..

Attend the NWWB meeting on Jan 18th to get a preview of the Boat Show by NMTA President, George Harris and Kate Andersen, our Go-To Gal – Important Your questions will be answered and you will be given directions about what is happening when during the 2016 Seattle Boat Show

More Information and What You Receive

Yes – we will still get a parking pass for the shift you work but with a new twist. On Jan 30 and 31st parking will be in the Century Link parking garage and the rest of the shifts it will be over at the Safeco Field parking garage. At the end of the evening shift it would be preferable that we all meet and walk to the Safeco Field Parking Garage together.   Safety in numbers.

Yes – we will still get 2 free SBS tickets for each shift we work to use on another day or give to someone special.

Yes – we will be wearing red vests.

Yes – we will have 2 gals on each shift for the information booth and concierge on the mezzanine.

Yes – we will have Knot A Boat, but with BIG NEWS. Knot A Boat will be next to the information booth with one person working Knot A Boat. We asked for that spot the first year, but the sponsors of the info booth wanted to advertise there. This year we will all be together so we can jump in and help each other. It should really be fun!

We’ve posted more information on the Blog’s Boat Show Volunteer Information Page

A Big Thank You From Vivian, Marilyn and the NMTA!

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