Thank You! The Boat Show Volunteer Shifts Are Covered.

Hey Gals, your response to the Seattle Boat Show volunteering has been outstanding. You will be receiving, in the mail, your free tickets to give to friends or family and your parking pass/s. Now you can look froward to a lot of interesting activity directing boat show guests to where they want to go and enthusing them about the art of knots.

If you haven’t done the show before one of the benefits is a chance to get to know each other better. One of the pleasures of our meetings is spending a relaxed evening among like-minded women. Vivian and I developed a lifelong friendship after first meeting at a gathering of women boaters.

Check out our Boat Show Information Page which will be updated as we approach the show.

We look forward to seeing you next Monday at the meeting and/or during your shifts.

Thanks again,

Marilyn and Vivian

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3 Responses to Thank You! The Boat Show Volunteer Shifts Are Covered.

  1. Elizabeth Ellingsen-Wannamaker says:

    Will you be emailing the final volunteer schedule?


  2. joy johnson says:

    What time is the boat show meeting and where is the location?

    Thanks so much- Joy Johns

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