How To Go Through The Locks Alone

Ok Gals,

We have to admit, when the subject of traversing the locks pops up we hear groans even among the tenacious boaters in our group. And then there’s the idea of doing it solo. If it’s a real issue for you, I bet some of the boating  instructors in our group might be open to doing specialized “through the locks” trainings if you checked with them. For an NWWB meeting a couple of years ago we had a well attended on-site tour of and lecture about the locks. If you’d like us to repeat that for a future meeting, let us know.

This piece just appeared in Three Sheets Northwest, published online by member Deborah Bach and her husband. It’s a piece on going through the locks alone. We thought it would be of interest.

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1 Response to How To Go Through The Locks Alone

  1. Linda polverari says:

    Would love a locks tour!

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