Mon. Monday March 21st Essential Information and More About That Compass On Your Boat

Hi Gals,

Here’s the information on our March 21st meeting. Please RSVP to if you plan to attend. Thanks

We have had some very enjoyable meetings, most recently a very exciting travelogue of cruising to the South Pacific.  The turnout was great and the information beautifully illustrated and educational  – we enjoy learning from others and Sally-Christine Rodgers did not disappoint us.

This months meeting offers you a rare and valuable opportunity to start getting ready for the cruising season.  We will be given a unique presentation on compasses – yes compasses.  When it comes to compasses, accuracy is a little more than somewhat important.

Our presenters will be Bill Haimes and Karen Haimes (one of our members) of Island Marine Instrument Company, Inc. 2214 Broadway, Everett, WA (425)422-5266

With Bill at the helm, the company offers restoration and repair of all compass types and sells new compasses. You will enjoy an evening of education and exploration of this  very important piece of equipment.

You will learn:

What the inside of a compass looks like

How compasses work

The significance of the fluid color or bubbles in your compass

Whether any compass you own, especially the one on your boat,  is in need of repair.

And more…

We know that you have all the latest electronics and of course no one has ever had their electronics fail – yeah, right!  Here is a chance to get informed and prepared. Bill and Karen will bring a box full of compass pieces and different types of complete working compasses, including a favorite – one that has been cut in half.

Several years ago, Bill and Karen gave us this interesting program, but with so many joining in the last seven years it is time to offer it again. We hope you will be able to join us for this important and informative meeting.

Meeting Date and Time: Monday March 21st 7 pm to 9 pm.

(Hors d oeuvres, snacks, wine, etc. are welcomed but not required. We enjoy socializing after the presentation.)

Location: 1900 N Northlake Way, #233 Seattle, WA 98103

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One Response to Mon. Monday March 21st Essential Information and More About That Compass On Your Boat

  1. Cynthia Faw says:

    I’ll attend, thanks! Cindy

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