Navy Finds Missing Dog That Fell Off Fishing Boat And Other Animal Tales

Ok, for those of us who love our animals, I couldn’t help posting this. (Link below) Below the link is a short tale I included in a Nor’Westing Magazine column many years ago.

A dog who fell off a fishing boat in the Pacific Ocean and had been “presumed dead” more than a month ago has now been found alive by Navy officials on an island 80 miles off the coast of San Diego, California.

Click here for story

The Owl and the Pussycat might have decided on their own to set sail but other animals onboard boats are there at the decision of their two-legged companions. On our dock.  cats Sitka, and Ketchikan and terrier Rambo went overboard today. The trio’s “mom and dad”, new on the dock, put each pet through their own overboard drill. Rambo adorned with his own little red life vest, went first. Readied with a large long-handled fishing net, they carried him off the boat onto the dock and tossed him about four feet out. He was surprised, but immediately began paddling. They scooped him out and into a towel. His response was to prance around seeming pleased with himself. Sitka and Ketchikan didn’t have life vests. Each were carefully tossed out far enough so they couldn’t swim under the dock before retrieval. Hitting the water both were like a coiled spring, clearing the surface of the water before paddling. Successfully scooped up into towels, their shock was followed by sunning, or more likely pouting, on the afterdeck all afternoon non-the-worse for the adventure.

A lively discussion occurred among others on the dock about the advisability of pet overboard drills. …A resident “old salt” sagely offered that helping to prepare for safety on-board is good, in this case, if not for the animals, for the human’s confidence in retrieving them. 

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