Mon. Apr. 18th Could You Get Someone Back On The Boat? Lifesling® For Sail And Power Boats With Margaret Pommert

Hi Gals,

We all know things happen fast and unexpectedly on the water. Knowledge and preparation are keys to possibly saving a life.

If someone falls overboard, are you confident that you can get the boat back to them? How about being able to pull them back on board? What if they are injured/hypothermic and so not able to grab a line thrown to them, or help pull themselves back onto the boat or up a ladder?

Member, Margaret Pommert, will offer this classroom introduction to the Lifesling® and crew overboard recovery techniques for both sail and powerboats. Later this summer, we plan to follow-up with practice on sail and powerboats volunteered by members, scheduled at a mutually agreeable day/time.

About Margaret:

Margaret’s deep interest in crew overboard recovery techniques was sparked many years ago in a casual sailboat race.  The skipper of one of her competitors fell overboard, and the crew of strong young men struggled get him back on board.  Tragically, the skipper did not survive.

She is a qualified Lifesling® instructor and a member of the board of directors of The Sailing Foundation, which originally developed the Lifesling®.  As a member of the Safety at Sea committee of The Sailing Foundation, she works to further develop and promote training in the use of the Lifesling® and related crew overboard recovery techniques across the boating community, both locally and globally.

Margaret is a very active sailing instructor, cruiser, and racer.   She’s an instructor certified by both the American Sailing Association and US Sailing, and holds a US Coast Guard master captain’s license. For those interested in training she may be reached at:

Meeting Date and Time: Monday April 18th 7 pm to 9 pm. (Hors d oeuvres, snacks, wine, etc. are always welcomed and enjoyed, but not required. We enjoy socializing after the presentation.)

Location: 1900 N Northlake Way, #233 Seattle, WA 98103

We meet at the Northwest Marine Trade Association conference room, 1900 N. Northlake Way, #233. Park at Fisheries Supply and go into the courtyard beside Fisheries Supply and up the stairs, turn right and we are the furthest door on the left.

(Located in the courtyard beside Fisheries Supply – UP THE STAIRS AND DOWN THE WALKWAY)

It’s a great help to us if you would consider subscribing to the blog for all the information about this groups activities. Also, we appreciate it when you share the link with women boating friends:

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