Meeting Mon. August 15th Come And Learn To Splice A Line!


Hey Gals, here’s a valuable and fun opportunity for hands-on experience at splicing a line. These handy permanent loops at the end of a line aren’t that hard to create. Lynne Reister, long time member and boat surveyor who owns Lodestar Marine, will teach us how to splice. Please RSVP.

Some supplies furnished and some to bring:

  • Bring a piece of 3-strand twisted (not braided) Nylon or Dacron line (at least four-foot long for practice or a boat line you’d like to splice) Lynne and Vivian will be cutting 4-foot lengths of line so if you could RSVP we’ll be sure to have enough.

            Nylon line is used for anchor and dock lines and Dacron line is used for halyards.

  • Bring  fid (a tool for splicing) if you have one or can borrow one from a boat neighbor – you can see what they look like here’s a link. If you can’t put your hand’s on one, bring a ball point pen with the ink cartridge removed.
  • We’ll need red, green and yellow electrical tape that Lynne uses to teach splicing. If you have some of the electrical tape and can bring it, that would be helpful, but we’ll have some available to share.We’ll have available a hot knife to cut line if needed.

Here is a link to meeting time-date-location (Always available from the meeting page link in the blog header)

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