NWWB Oct. 17th Meeting Mary Campbell Tales and Lessons Learned Cruising Alaska

We look forward to seeing your this evening.

Mary Campbell has been sailing and cruising seriously for the last 25 years.  Her first sailboat was a Tom Colvin-designed aluminum junk rigged schooner that she single-handed back from Glacier Bay in 2008.

Longing to return to Alaska, she finally headed north again in her current boat, a Cascade 36 sloop, sailing from Olympia to Seward in May and June of 2015.  She spent July and August 2015 exploring the Kenai peninsula, crossing Cook Inlet to visit the Katmai reserve, and cruising Prince William Sound.  The boat wintered over in Seward.

This year Mary brought it from Seward through Prince William Sound and back across the Gulf of Alaska to SE Alaska.  After 6 more weeks tucking into various anchorages in SE Alaska, the boat ended up in Petersburg where she is now wintering over.

Mary will talk about how she prepared the boat and recruited crew for the two summers, as well as lessons learned traveling in remote areas.  Be careful watching the slides: the Alaska bug is contagious!

Link to location information

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