NWWB Meeting Monday, Nov. 21st Learn About Issues of Importance to the Recreational Boating Community

Enjoy a relaxed and informative evening and become more knowledgeable and engaged in the issues of the community in which you are a part.

The Northwest Marine Trade Association (NMTA) is an important voice and advocate for the recreational boating community in the Northwest and those who serve them. This is us, gals. Please come and learn more about issues of importance to boaters. Bring questions relating to regulatory or other concerns of boat owners. Learn about programs and opportunities for involvement available to boaters.

Peter Schrappen is the NMTA’s Government Affairs Director and VP. He works as a lobbyist in Olympia for recreational boating and environmental interests. Peter will be our speaker Monday.

You will learn about how the recent election and subsequent changes affects the Northwest boating community.

The Northwest Marine Trade Association is the advocate organization for recreational boating, you will learn about their legislative agenda.

You will learn about  a new and important program called, Core Plus. There is a huge need for qualified tradespeople in the boating industry. It would restore discontinued shop classes to grades K-12 an important step in beginning to fill that need. (This seems part of some larger changes in education policies important to remedy the crisis of loss of jobs in America.)

There is a lot happening that can and will affect boaters, this is a chance to help us be proactive.


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