Please Share Your Blogs or Facebook Pages Devoted to Boats and Boating

We hope you are having a pleasant Thanksgiving holiday. I just received a link to a post from the blog of one of the gals who appreciate NWWB, Deborah O’Connor. She’s sharing some creative solutions she found for some unwanted head odors (with pictures) link below. Thanks Deborah!

We’d like to remind all or you, whether you’ve been to meetings or just follow us online, we have a Member’s Blog page for which we would LOVE  to receive links to your blogs about your boat or boating (or links to Facebook pages devoted to such). If you don’t have a blog, we would also appreciate hearing about creative or helpful information or ideas about boats and boating that you’ve experienced or learned that we could pass on to the gals of NWWB. Just email them.  Below is a link to the Member’s Blog page on which you can find Deborah’s and other members blog. Let’s add some more, send your link (and if desired a couple sentence description) and your name to Enjoy

Member’s Blog Page

post from Deborah O’Connor’s blog –Woman-owned Sailboat

For many years I have not used the seawater intake to supply the toilet, preferring to pour some fresh water into the bowl from a gallon jug. With this routine, I noticed less odor in that area. Last week I placed a bidet attachment valve on the Bosch hot water heater, because it is directly behind the toilet, and now I use a sprayer attached there to fill the bowl, or clean it. A tidy solution using an inexpensive bidet kit found on Amazon.

In the photo, I have not yet mounted the diverter valve on the wall and I am pondering how to do that without placing another screw in the bulkhead. Things on boats, interior or exterior, change so much and holes are a common problem, don’t you find this so?

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