Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year to all of you gals who love boats and boating! Thank you for your support and enjoyment of NWWB in 2016. Possibly you are joining us in sighing after an intense year. Amidst all that was irritating us, stressing us and challenging us, there were enjoyable evenings of relaxing at NWWB meetings and putting our minds on the subject we all enjoy boats and boating. (See some pictures above and a list of our varied 2016 programs below.)

We love your support, the impressive turn-outs at meetings and the enthusiasm you’ve shown for NWWB. Vivian and I continue to live by our creed; if it isn’t fun, we won’t do it. With the wonderful meeting room made available by the Northwest Marine Trade Association, we still find it fun to arrange the programs we brought to you. We want to thank all our presenters and those of you who kept us in mind and helped us to find these inspirational and talented folks.

We want to wish you a happy and boating-filled New Year. Boating shapes all of our lives in interesting and varied ways. Vivian does regional cruising and co-captains their powerboat. I am a long-time liveaboard and have reveled in what I consider a lifestyle rather than just a place to live. Sometimes we need to stop and ponder our lives. How do we spend our days, how do we feel about our lives, what do we enjoy , and how are our lives are changed by how and where we spend our time? I’ve written about the boating lifestyle for many years and recently was published in The Tiny House Blog. It’s an article offering a tale and my feelings about how the liveaboard lifestyle can be life-changing. You may enjoy it, here’s a link from the Tiny House Blog: Drawn to the Liveaboard Lifestyle.

Whatever you enjoy, we wish for you to spend as much time as you can in the New Year surrounded by positive people and engaged in challenging and enjoyable experiences. And, we look forward to seeing you at future NWWB meetings.

Marilyn Michael and Vivian Strolis

2016 Programs offered by Northwest Women in Boating:

In December, Elsie Hulsizer, a long-time supporter of NWWB and a board member of the Center for Wooden Boats, arranged for us to meet at the Center for Wooden Boats where we enjoyed a potluck and learned about the impressive programs and the new facility for CWB in 2017.

In November, Peter Schrappen who’s an activist and lobbyist for the Northwest Marine Trade Association, brought us up to speed on Boating issues we should care about and marine training programs.

In October, Mary Campbell took us along on her cruise through Alaska impressing us with her beautiful photography and creativity in arranging crew members to join her.

In September, Reanne Hemmingway-Douglass impressed us with her boating and writing achievements from surviving a pitch pole off Cape Horn to providing you with the Douglass cruising guides she’s a boating woman to be admired. (Hear her this year as part of our Boat Show Panel)

In August Long-time NWWB supporter, Lynn Reister, brought us a super fun evening of Knot Tying instruction. The evening had us sitting cross-legged on the floor laughing and remembering the macramé years as we learned splice a line.

In July Vivian Strolis hosted us for an enjoyable BBQ at Harbour Village Marina. Linda Lewis, aided by other gals, actually demonstrated the LifeSling.

In June Member Wanda Cashman Gave us an interesting presentation about her transition to life on the water as her family made the move to a Classic wooden boat and she embarked on the wood working program at Seattle Central Comm. College. (That program helped us with Knot-A-Boat, refinishing the interior.)

In May long-time supporter of NWWB, Nancy Erley, joined us. As always she was interesting and inspiring offering Ten Things I Wish I Knew Before I Went Cruising and so much more always giving us perspectives her world cruising has brought to her life.

In April Member Margaret Pommert caused us to think about, and hopefully better prepare for, a potential Wo/man overboard with: Could you get someone back on the boat, a program about using the LifeSling.

In March we welcomed back the informative program offered by Bill and Karen Haimes of Island Marine Instrument Company – All About the Compass on your boat

February Christine Rodgers Took us on her voyage through French Polynesia onboard Convergence. We are lucky to enjoy impressive boating adventures around the world.

In January we were busy with the Boat Show offering a great panel of five inspirational women: Karen Wong Blue Water Cruiser, Cynthia Faw taking over captaining duties after years of boating, Margaret Pommert teaching and inspiring young women in the sciences through boats and boating, Linda Polverari impressive fisherwoman with downriggers on her sailboat and Lisa Cole who made a major life change to teach sailing.


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