Article on NWWB Women’s Day Panel at Seattle Boat Show

We were so pleased with the messages and inspiration offered by the presenters at this year’s NWWB panel on Women’s Day at the Seattle Boat Show.

A recent article from 48 North by writer, Cara Kuhlman, begins…

A competitive rower, a commercial captain, a maritime tradeswoman, a lifelong learner, and a cruising author; the women of the 2017 Northwest Women in Boating panel lead inspiring lives both on and off the water.

Coinciding with Northwest Women in Boating’s 10th Anniversary, the panel titled “Boating, A Pathway to a More Inspired Life” took place at the Seattle Boat Show, and began with an introduction by volunteer organizer Marilyn Michael.

“Boating can be a pathway to advanced education” Michael said, highlighting the benefits of boating including technical learning, fitness, an opportunity to unplug, and it’s potential for promoting equality.

In traditionally male-dominated segments of society, such as boating and the maritime trades, Michael urged attendees to “be bold, be confident, and reach out to other women.”

Read the complete article from 48 North on NWWB Women’s Day Panel

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