NWWB MEETING DEC. 18th Experience a Magical Evening of Seasonal Lights

Experience A Magical Evening of Seasonal Lights at Bellevue Botanical Gardens

We’ve planned an evening field trip … we’re all boaters, so pretend your four wheel mode of transportation is your dinghy for the night. At many boating destinations you’ve looked forward to a trip ashore to see something beautiful enhancing your experience. Though not on the water, for only $5.00, this evening’s adventure provides you a chance to get out and see a beautiful holiday light display and relax during the busyness of the season. Meet at regular time – 7:00pm inside the garden waiting area. (an RSVP would be nice so no one is left behind.)
Bellevue Botanical Gardens presents annually, in December,

“Garden d’Lights”  https://gardendlights.org

They transform their gardens into a magical display of colorful flowers and 24 very fun things to find – the teddy bear was easy and the blue heron is amazing and the list goes on.
  • 45 minutes or more to walk through – with fun finding all the special critters
  • Meeting place is under cover to the left after going through the entrance
  • Dress for the weather – shoes for walking on gravel paths
  • Can stop for hot chocolate / coffee at their room set up for that
  • It also features a Gingerbread Castle
Check out  Garden d’Lights Click https://gardenlights.org It has all the pertinent info.
Cost $5.00 for entrance and $5.00 for parking if unwilling to walk a block
Link to Directions & Parking (there is free parking that is only a short walk away),
Meet at regular time – 7:00pm inside the garden waiting area.

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