THEY WON! Congratulations Team Sail Like A Girl For Winning The R2AK

Team Sail Like A Girl arrived at 12:17 am AK times, 6 days 13 hours, 17 minutes.

Member Wendy Hinman shared this on Women Who Sail and Power Cruise Pacific Northwest Facebook page (If you haven’t joined that page contact Judy Nasmith at and get on it)

Congratulations to Team Sail Like a Girl, winners of the R2AK race to Alaska on a Melges 32. They had some scary moments. From the captain Haley Lhamon before the finish:
“Scariest moment: We hit huge log (~15-20’ long & 20” wide) 2AM Friday in narrow passage (after Bella Bella) w/code 0 up going 6kn in total darkness/no moon. Log stuck under boat at keel for few min. Thought we hit rocks it was such loud awful crash, rumble, & sudden stop. Had to go into emergency prep mode & assess. No water coming in but worried about keel. I contacted Prince Rupert Coast Guard just in case. No cell then. Went slowly main only for 2 hrs & we regretted going inside since wind lightened & took long time to get outside. Light there too & no breeze until afternoon. Thought Lagopus & Wild Card had surely gone out directly & passed us so we were SO bummed. No cell so couldn’t check tracker. Beautiful sailing all afternoon & evening yesterday. Then Aimee gor cell about 3AM & woke us all up to pass surprise news we were still in 1st!! We couldn’t believe it & have been biking nonstop since ~5AM due to light winds & Lagopus in far distance (got too close for comfort when southerly filled in!) but we’ve got our “magic unicorn” code 0 up making good progress now so less worried (still biking though). SE wind 15-20 forecasted which will hopefully help us finish by tonight!”

And they did it! These girls rock. I’m so happy for them.…

Here’s a link to T Shirts and Hats celebrating the winning team!

Wendy Hinman is author of:

Tightwads on the Loose: A Seven Year Pacific Odyssey

Sea Trials: Around the World with Duct Tape and Bailing Wire


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