NWWB Info: Amazing Whale Breach Video

As we are thinking about and feeling concern for the fate of the Orcas. I came across this piece from Mother Jones magazine showing an amazing video of three whales breaching together. Let’s celebrate in any way we can these amazing creatures in our midst.

From the article;

“These days, I’m finding it more and more useful to be reminded of the almighty power of the non-human occupants of the planet. The humans are exhausting. The non-humans are awe-inspiring. Take these three magnificent ocean dwellers for example—humpback whales caught on camera last month by Edmond Giroux aboard a whale cruise off of Nova Scotia:”

Here’s a link to the video:



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1 Response to NWWB Info: Amazing Whale Breach Video

  1. Murphy, Maggi says:

    Hi, Kids – Is Sharon Friel in the NWWB distribution list? — Maggi


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