Hi Gals,

For this month’s meeting on Monday, September 16th we will spend a relaxed evening immersed in maritime history onboard the 1909, 92′ MV Lotus moored at the bottom of Lake Union. We’ll socialize while staying at the dock. Here is the MV Lotus website: www.mvlotus.org

Here are some important things to remember about the evening’s event:

This is a potluck evening so we are asking everyone to bring a favorite main dish, salad or dessert to share and whatever you want to drink or wine to share. Plates, flat wear, glasses and coffee will be available, no need to bring.

 There will be a $10 minimum donation per person for the evening.

 Parking info: MV Lotus is NOT a part of MOHAI but we’re offering the MOHAI parking page as a guide to where to park (here is a link). Please note: Parking in the AGC Building lot (“F” on the map) will probably cost around $12. Also, the handicapped parking area (“B” on the map) would not be available in the evening. There is free parking north on Fairview Avenue (north of Seattle Seaplanes up near floating homes) and it’s a short walk to the South Lake Union Trolley (across from Fred Hutch) which stops in front of MOHAI.

 There is a space limit of 40, RSVP at nwwbviv@gmail.com to assure spots.

 We really encourage you to invite a guest

 We encourage anyone who desires, to come in costume. (Quasi Edwardian or Steam Punk were the ideas offered), Casual attire is fine, no costume required.

Meeting Date: Monday, September 16th, 2019

Time: 6:30 pm – till 9:00 pm or so

Location: Directly behind the Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI) on Lake Street at the bottom of Lake Union 860 Terry Avenue North. Link to Google map (The Naval Army Reserve is now the Museum of History and Industry)


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